being a Victins of Pop Culture

Essay by milka81D+, October 2014

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Being a Victim of Popular Culture

Pop culture is oppressing us, making our life an illusion, and transforming ourselves in a degrading society, turning us into zombies who crave only circuses and who believe in everything that is imposed. We become addicted of what pop culture is offering. We are too preoccupied watching TV, movies, playing video games, suffering the Internet and reading gossip and tabloids. We are too preoccupied with lives that do not belong to us. We forgot about our basic needs, we forgot that life is interesting. "We are living in a make-believes world of celebrity …our culture doesn't care about us, only about making money and accumulating power."Jim Taylor, Ph. D.

"Why do so many of us care so much about people who have so little impact on our lives, namely, movie, television, and music stars, professional athletes, and others who are simply famous for being famous": Jim Taylor, Ph.

D. This is sad, but this is reality of our life today. I am agree with Jim Taylor, today people are more preoccupied with which star loses weight, got married or divorced, and we are more interesting in gossip columns and tabloids, instead of being interested in our real life and the real problems that surround us. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally got married is more interesting than the war in Ukraine, and insufficient water and food in Africa. Pop culture is growing an indifferent society, we did not care about our future, and this happened because pop culture gives us too much freedom. I don't see anything beautiful in today life, I am afraid of future that is expected. Too much freedom is not always good, and now we have a lot of negative consequences. Pop culture

brings us to the alcoholism, necromancy,