"Belfast Saturday" a short story by Jenny Russel.

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Its a rather detailed essay and i got a good mark for it.

Belfast Saturday

By: Jenni Russell

My essay will be based on the short story titled 'Belfast Saturday' and the remarkable Jenni Russel writes it. I chose this particular story because it appealed to me and it was my favourite out of the selection of six, as it is very well written and easy to understand and it gets its message across without any trouble. The story is centred on two women, one very old and widowed, the other very young and sociable, living in Belfast, Ireland during the 1970's.

It follows a day in they're fairly different lives during the Civil War which was relatively regular at the time.

The message, which Jenni Russell is trying to get across, is that war is meaningless, and how anyone, and everyone can be affected by it. Not only are soldiers and people fighting wars the ones who suffer, but also innocent people, who have done nothing to anyone, are being killed and savagely murdered for reasons unknown to everyone.

The story uses many techniques to show how the war has affected the characters in this particular story. One of these methods is the use of Radio Broadcast to tell us, the readers, what is exactly happening and also to show with how much unhappiness she listens to the news. The quote from the news was 'and the murders bring Ulster's civilian Death Toll to 637' The quote also mentions how she listens to the news 'dispassionately' and this is so because she is tired of listening to it everyday, and each day she knows what to expect as she listens to it from day to day. She knows what going to happen without even listening to it, for her...