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Police: Out to get you, or just getting the job done right?Have you ever been pulled over by the police, and then think to yourself that they are going to find the smallest thing to get you in trouble? Many people believe that cops just pull you over because they are bored eating donuts and are having a bad day. Do cops really just pull you over for that reason? Almost everyone has been pulled over, and usually mostly for pesky speeding tickets. There are many reasons as to why a cop may pull you over, but sometimes it may be for a "just in case" reason to keep the neighborhood safe.

People have been pulled over for many odd reasons. Some most common ones are: Having a light out, not stopping at a stop sign, running a red light, speeding, etc. Sometimes people are just having bad days; is it really necessary for police to pull you over after you already know that you have done something wrong? Some people say it's so the government can get more money, which to an extent I must say I do agree with.

Some people say that yes, they know that you have realized you have done something wrong, but to keep the so called "crime rate" down, they ticket you; doing so thinking you won't do it again. How about when you are speeding because you are late for work or something important, and you get pulled over? That is what makes people mad even more, because then it just seems like that cop is taking his jolly-old time in letting you go. Sometimes it is necessary for cops, and sometimes they get you for silly reasons, and ruin your whole day.

If you take it in from a cop's point of view, do you think he/she wakes up every morning and says: "Hey, I think I'm going to arrest someone today!" Unfortunately, that's not exactly the case. From talking to some of the local cops in Sarver, I have found out some things I didn't know about. For example, there was that rumor going around about how at the end of the month, the cops need at least ten tickets to submit to their boss. So, at the end of the month, cops were just looking for anyone to pull over just so they could get their tickets submitted. Well, that's actually not the case. They don't have to do that, so someone must have started that rumor; there is not any certain limit as to how many tickets a cop turns in. However, say one cop turns in three tickets a month, and another cop turns in fifty, then they will look into that. One cop had said that as much as they may love donuts, there isn't a donut shop around here and the closest one is in Butler. He also said that yes, on a bad day he has pulled over someone just because he was aggravated, and that person did something that he really could have let go. Then again, he has pulled someone over on a good day who really could have deserved a ticket, yet he let them go because it was early in the morning. So the theory of cops pulling people over depending upon their moods is true. Their job is just like anyone else's, with one exception: Most people hate seeing them on duty.

Personally, I don't like cops. I hate the feeling that you get when you are in you car, and even though you are doing nothing wrong, you panic and start double checking to make sure your seatbelt is on and you are driving normally. Yes, sometimes you really do need cops around. Maybe if there is a shooting, or a big fight, or something just isn't right, then yes, it may be best if a police man was around. Other times, I believe that cops shouldn't patrol around your neighborhoods and stop you when you are just taking a walk. I hate the rules that they have, especially the curfew rule. If I seriously want to go out on a walk at 3:00am, I believe that It shouldn't be a problem if I am not doing anything wrong. Yet, I do live in a neighborhood where I technically can do that, because it's privately owned and cops can't pull you over or arrest you unless they are called for or if they see you doing something illegal. I especially hate state police. I think it's more of them having an ego and thinking they are better then everyone else, and they don't take sarcasm or even a little joke. They have always been the meanest. It's almost as if they hate their job and they are taking it out on the people that they pull over. I also can't stand the fact that cops are always legally right. If you go to court, they don't care one bit what you have to say, they just believe the cop, no matter what he/she says. I was in the park with my mom and dog about two years ago and there was a teenager with her little 2 year old sister. She had her little sister on the swing, and she leaned back too far and fell off. A cop saw that, and because the girl's mother wasn't there, he tried to take her little sister off of that girl and say that she must have kidnapped her and he was going to take her sister from her. Their mother wouldn't answer the phone, so the cop was still giving her trouble. My mom, however, walks over and explains to the cop that we saw her mother drop them off and her sister falling was pure accident. The cop was yelling at my mom and being a jerk. When it all ended, my mom ended up getting a $300 fine for arguing with a cop over that, and the girl took her little sister right home. I have also had some bad encounters with my stepmother, and the police called it "just parenting," when she should have just gone to jail after she lied to them and they won't believe teenagers. That is another reason why I hate cops, and sometimes they should just stay out of people's lives.

In conclusion, everyone has their own opinions about the police. Most people, on the other hand, have just had bad experiences with them. Although cops have a bad reputation of getting into people's business and giving them tickets for reasons that are ridiculous, they are sometimes needed. As most people do side against the fact that they are doing the city some good and keeping it safe, some people could tell you miracle stories as to why they are still alive because a police man saved their life. Thinking about wither police are out to get you or just doing their job, everyone has his or her own opinion about the topic. They go from experiences that they have had, seen, or heard about. So, with that being said: Are police out to get you, or just getting the job done right?Bibliography: This is an essay that I made up for my Honors Literature and Composition 10 class on something I believe.