What is a Belief System?

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Workshop One Individual What is a Belief System? Paper (due Week One)

Write a 1050-1400 word paper that defines the elements of your religious belief system. Include a brief discussion of each of the following topics:

a. How your beliefs make up a religious belief system.

b. How you acquired your religious belief system.

c. The benefits and disadvantages of having your particular belief system.

d. The role of tradition in your religious belief system.

e. The role of tradition in religion in general.

f. Why it is important to be knowledgeable about other people's beliefs and attitudes towards religion.

What is a Belief System?

There are many different belief systems, some are religions and some not. All cultures develop a collection of beliefs and values that are used to meet its society's needs. A belief system is a way of perceive and interact in a society guided by a set of established moral rules.

Our beliefs are an essential part of who we are and how we behave. A culture with a strong belief system is shaped by it. The belief system delineates type of government, civil liberties, behaviors, laws, women liberties, etc. My belief system is Christian Roman Catholic.

Roman Catholic Religion.

Catholicism is the oldest and largest Christian denomination in the world. Catholicism originated with Jesus Christ. All other Christian denominations branched from Catholicism at some point in history. The Catholic Church is the most widespread Christian denomination in the world. With more than one billion members, the Catholic Church is one of the most important religions on Earth. Every country on the world has members of the Catholic Church The Catholic Church was funded by Jesus Christ on earth when He said, "You are now Peter, and on this rock, I will build my church,