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Your name Your teacher's name BELIEVERS Preston Tucker was a man who had dream, like most Americans today. Which led to Thomas Jefferson who wrote "The Declaration Of Independence". Jefferson believed in the Three Unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. Patrick Henry stated his belief in Patriotism. In his "Speech In The Virginia Convention." Thomas Paine believed in fighting for his beliefs in his book "The Crisis, Number I." Preston Tucker had similar ideas to these in his closing argument, At the Trial.

Thomas Jefferson who wrote "The Declaration of Independence". He wrote it to express his strong emotions of Political Freedom. "Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness".

Thomas Jefferson would talk about how The King would turn down idea's, and dreams. Preston would relate to this subject about shutting down Businesses, and everything the country believed in. Jefferson had to preset people to sign the Declaration of Independence, and so did tucker, by going to trial, in front of a jury and trying to preset people, that he was doing something important for the country.

Preston Tucker stated his belief in Patriotism in a similar manor as Patrick Henry, in the way Tucker defended his car, as the way Patrick Henry defended his country. They both defended theirself on what they believed, and never gave up on what they were working on. Both men would stick-up for theirself against the country, and government. Both men are believers and want to make something out of this.

Thomas Paine believed in fighting for his beliefs, and so did tucker. Both men had a dream, and a belief, and didn't stop fighting for what they wanted. Thomas also fought for freedom, and wanted that for his children also. Tucker also played a role in this also, not so much with the children part, but he wanted more freedom in this country, by fighting for something that was good for the country, but the government kept shutting him down. They both wanted Freedom because they anted to prove to the country that they were really doing something right, and it would work.

As you can see in this Essay, all four men had a dream, and a belief, and they wanted it to work, but the country kept shutting them all down, like it was no big deal. When Preston Tucker went in front of the Jury, they had a right to listen to him, instead of just passing it on, like it was no big deal, yeah it was a big deal, because men these days want to start something new, and never can because of the government, they hold back their dreams and beliefs. Families also play a big role in this because they are there are always there for you no matter what happens.