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Belonging is a vicious cycle. It's a contradiction of our 2 inherent natures, the co-existence of belonging and freedom. On one side belonging is the immanent nature of humans to connect with others, an endless aspiration. Yet on the other side, not belonging creates individuality, uniqueness and freedom.

I want you to think about yourself. What important choices have you made? These choices construct our very own unique identity; influencing our endeavour to freedom, something that belonging contradicts and limits.

Now think again, have you ever given up on your identity for love? For a relationship? I daresay you have, because there will always a divergence within our hearts craving for belonging.

To belong or not belong? That is the question.

In Ken Kesey's One flew over the cuckoo's nest and Andrew Niccol's In time, the co-existence of belonging and freedom is evident through the characters constant strive towards individuality whilst finding belonging through relationships.

Choices - Identity

At the resolution of both texts, we are able to see the spiritual healing and the attaining of a unique identity by each character in contrast to their conforming attitude because of a difference in choice.

In Ken Kesey's novel, it is Chief Bromden who transforms from an inexpressive, devoid and reticent being into a unique, independent and eccentric individual. This is visible when Chief attempts to wear Mcmurphy's hat but realises that "It was too small". This is a reference to earlier part of the novel where Mcmurphy promises to blow chief "back up to full size" by releasing him from the chains of conformity. This symbolises Chief's choice to relinquish his independence and individuality he once had however he is "ashamed of trying to wear it". This choice illustrates that Chief must forfeit belonging and find...