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2005 HSC QUESTION 'An Address To The Next Generation' using this title present your views on growing up and making transitions into society.

Moving into the world brings about many challenges and experiences, during this time period, characters are dealt with many situations that may push them to either thrive into the big world or keep them at the same level. New relationships are formed to assist characters in moving forward, as well as new changes and growth are being undertaken as 'An address to the next generation' this can be witnessed in the play 'Educating Rita' (ER) by Willy Russell and the poem 'Easy does it' by Bruce Dawe.

In ER, Rita's personal goal is to leave her current working class life and become a educated women. Russell quotes "you know what I learn about art an literature it feeds me inside", through the use of metaphor we understand that Rita sees education as a pathway to fleeing the restrictions faced as a working class women.

Colloquial language "oh sod it off" and "off me cake" emphasizes Rita's slang language further highlighting her working class background. Rita's educator Frank questions Rita asking "what is it you want to know" her response is a quick and determined one "everything" this highlights her determination to movie into the new and educated world.

With every meeting, both Frank and Rita develop a strong bond, Rita opens up to Frank with her personal issues in life involving her husband Denny. "He wants to take life away from me" Willy Russell uses emotive language and hyperbole to explain that education has brought conflictions in her personal life putting her under great pressure. Frank notifies to Rita that in order to become who she truly desires to be, will require her to change her...