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Kanza Haider Case notes # 2

Ben & Jerry's: Preserving Brand and Mission within Unilever

Statement of the Problem: transitioning of Ben & Jerry's from an independent minded, leading and premium ice-cream maker to a division within an MNC (multinational corporation).

How it can regain its competitive footing while still staying complacent with the company's mission statement.

low morale of employees

losing brand loyalty

artificial sweetener conflict

Stakeholders Involved: employees, customers, community of Vermont, the shareholders of Unilever, the franchises of Ben & Jerry's.

Relevance & Recommendations that could be discussed:

The management could focus on the values that were central to Ben & Jerry's uprising and incorporate them into the efficiency plans for the future. Unilever could give some voice to the employees and they could give Ben & Jerry's leeway on action within political/social forum. A barrier to this recommendation is that the international employees may not interpret it differently from local US employees.

Ever since the merger happened, Ben & Jerry's has not been able to have the public voice that they were once well known for. It would be suggestible to show passive support for political agendas . It could boost employees' morale from within. Moreover Unilever can take some prominent actions of social responsiveness and be vocal about them. The company could publicize its annual Social and Environmental Assessment Report. The only difficulty might be the selection of the cause and the responsiveness process. implementation. The management can enact a campaign that expands the Ben and Jerry's caring brand across the globe. They can set up plants and factories overseas in the areas of economic hardships to provide employment and better living and develop relationships with local farmers as suppliers. This will keep the family culture of Ben & Jerry's while still keeping it...