Ben and Jerrys Vs. Haggen Danzs.

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The company Ben and Jerry's expresses through three different mission statements that they will: deliver to their customers ice cream made from high quality and natural ingredients while minimizing negative impacts on the environment, commit themselves to social change by taking on a strong role helping society and increase profitability which will increase value for stakeholders & opportunities for employees.

Through close examination of the Ben and Jerry's Website, it is obvious the company's objectives and goals do sustain the commitments mentioned in their mission statements. The company supports social programs including Planned Parenthood, as well as many others, which are mentioned on the Website. They have also put together many environmental programs and campaigns such as Lick Global Warming. As well, the company has Environmental Coordinators at each of its manufacturing sites that are responsible for wastewater management, composting, recycling and many other environmentally friendly tasks. In addition to being involved in social and environmental change, by constantly inventing new flavors and bringing back old favorites Ben & Jerry's pleases their consumers while helping the growth of their company.

This in turn increases profitability and makes stakeholders shares more valuable and create better opportunities of the company's workers. The company also gives their customers the option of e-purchasing, customers can actually order ice cream off the Website and have it delivered to their home (kind of neat, don't you think?). However, one part of the company that I believe needs revaluating is the pricing. The products are expensive and the company claims the reason why is because of the high quality ingredients and the very labor-intensive work done to make its products. I feel the company should reconsider the money it spends in advertising, delivery, and purchasing, thus they could bring down their product prices.

Ben and Jerry's truly...