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Ben Carson Two and one quarter centuries ago, the Founding Fathers of our nation established a vision for America that every citizen has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Many great citizens have been noted as frontiersmen who opened paths by which their countrymen could strive to obtain these inalienable rights. One of these frontiersmen, Dr. Benjamin Carson, paved the way for life itself through his expertise and accomplishments in the area of medicine. While France claims allegiance from the great chemist, Louis Pasteur, for developing vaccines, and Great Britain was home to Sir Alexander Fleming, who spared innumerable lives with his discovery of Penicillin; American born Ben Carson broke the barriers encountered with difficult brain surgeries.

Throughout history acclaimed frontiersmen needed not only intellect and education to reach beyond the limit of what is known, but a passion that draws them beyond the boundaries of knowledge.

Ben Carson exemplifies this characteristic. As a young child, though tormented by racism and torn by a dysfunctional family (Carson and Murphey, Gifted Hands 12), he was compelled to enter the medical field to make a difference. Ben felt that he was following God's calling for his life when he recognized that he had a unique quality in his physical makeup. As a young college graduate in 1972, Ben took a summer job with a steel company. His assignment of operating a crane showed him that he had an unexplainable sense of heightened finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination (Carson and Murphey, Gifted Hands 101 and 102). This physical trait, his "Gifted Hands"� for which he has become world renowned, proved to be the key for Carson to adequately manipulate the tools that he used in performing delicate brain surgery on children. Ben Carson has capitalized on...