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Book "Gifted Hands "wrote by Benjamin Carson is a truly inspiring story of a young man's life filled with remarkable accomplishments. Doctor Carson drafted his life from a poverty-strike child to a successful medical physician.

In his book, he wrote how his mother played essential role in help him to create a very strong personality, and overcome all obstacles in his life .As he wrote, after Sonia Carson's husband left her for another women she was working two, sometimes three jobs in order to support the family. Even that she was an uneducated woman; she was bright person. Every method she had used to raise her sons ware a very logical and gave "the fruits in future ". For example, when in the fifth grade Benjamin's mid-term report came his grades were very poor. At this time his mother realize that Ben was performing very bad at school. She decided to take his life in her hands.

She allowed Ben, and his brother Curtis, to watch TV programs only three times per week. Moreover, their mother made them to spent most of their free time at the library, and read books. In addition, boys had to read two books a week, and at the end of each week they had to give their mother a report what they had read. It was really hard for thirteen years old boys to stay at the library while their friends have played outside. Sometimes Ben was angry on his mother, but Sonia Carson knew exactly what she was doing. In short period of time Ben started to pull ahead at school. His grades were outstanding like never before. Besides of school problems Ben Carson have experienced one more difficult problem later on in his life. The nature of his problem was a...