Ben Franklin.

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Ben Franklin Profile

Ben Franklin, a very great man indeed, is also a very complex mind. He was a very sophisticated and honorable man. But that's not why he was remembered in the books. He was memorized for all the things he did. For example he invented stuff and all the other political things. No one ever concentrated on his personality and the way he lived his life.

Ben Franklin believed in moral perfection. The point was to concentrate on one virtue of the 13 virtues every week. The 13 virtues were temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity, and humility. But it could not be achieved, for he had problems with humility. Though he was very close. He wanted to be perfect and not have a flaw in his life. He had perfect hygiene, manners, dressed accordingly, and was very humorous.

You might have seen him on the fifty-dollar bill.

Well that picture is pretty much what he looks like. It's true the Internet shows so. He was very well rounded. He wore bifocals; you know he invented those himself. Back then the people of the 1770's pretty clothes and so did Ben Franklin. He wore a blouse on the inside of his coat, sometimes vests, a petticoat, and buckled shoes.

He is very well mannered person. And he is full of respect. He puts everything into consideration when he makes a huge decision. When in a political matter involving other people they know each other personally. He has many friends. That is why he has lots of support in many ways. For example he knows Jon Adams and Thomas Jefferson so he can ask favors regarding first impressions because he already knows them.

Habits are something everyone has. One of Benjamin Franklins is that he always sleeps with a window opened. He will even open the window when the temperature outside is freezing. He believes the air outside is fresh and is good for his health. He also sleeps in the nude. When he had to go somewhere with Jon Adams, they had to share one room with one bed and Ben Franklin still applied his habits. So when Ben Franklin went to sleep he kept the window open and slept in the nude. Think about how Jon Adams felt he must have been very surprised.

Ben Franklin didn't play the biggest part in the movie about independence in class but it was a big one. He was on his fellow friends side, Thomas Jefferson and Jon Adams. And he says yay to the motion of the approval of independence and the Declaration of Independence. He wanted the national bird of America to be a turkey. He believed it had more meaning of our history than the bald eagle. For the turkey resembles bravery. And made a great meal to the people of the colonies for a long time. He fought hard for the turkey to be the bird but did not succeed so it is the bald eagle that is our nations bird.

And so in conclusion the personality of Ben Franklin is further explained. In the future Benjamin Franklin will be remembered as great. The people of the United States of America will remember him as a revolution in himself.