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Ben Franklin contributed greatly to American Literature because of his great ideas and rational thought. He was able to think "out of the box" and carry on thought that was not present in other people of his time. His contributions to sciences, politics, and social values are unparallel to that of other writers of this period. He truly portrayed the age of reason through his writings. He no longer associated reason with religion but instead science. His political writings inspired people to believe that humans were generally good and it is society that brings them down to steal, cheat, and be "bad people". It was minds like this that led America and the rest of the world to recognize science and understanding as a true way to find the answer.

In his writing "A Dissertation on Liberty and Necessity", Benjamin Franklin made an argument against free-will. Franklin concluded that all things are ultimately good, because God is in total control and God is good.

He understands why people make assumptions about religion, and how they are led to believe that all good and bad is related to God. Franklin at this time believes in a supreme being who is all good but tries to understand why he feels this way and why people do things. These types of thoughts were beyond other people of this time but for Ben Franklin it is a common occurrence. His reasoning and understanding is what makes this piece of literature be a great contribution to the all people everywhere especially ones under monarchies like the American Colonies. He first published some of his writings in England where they were not accepted very much. In the colonies his works inspired the great minds that would lead America into the future. This piece depicts the feelings...