Ben Franklin's Autobiography

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It has been said ordinary people can identify with me in ways they cannot with the other founders. Washington is too awesome to be approached while Thomas Jefferson is too aristocratic, besides he has slaves and has never had the inclination to release them. Alex, Hamilton that is, is much too arrogant. I am an American printer, journalist, inventor, civic leader, author, diplomat, philosopher, scientist, politician, statesman and postal administrator, least thou forget an expert swimmer and flirtatious ladies man. I have contributed to the cause of the American Revolution and helped put together our Federal Government. I have come from a meager means to what I am today. Through my life, spanning most of the eighteenth century, I saw the rise of the American people from impoverished submissive individuals to political independence with a great future.

On the seventeenth of January, 1706 I was born the son of a candle maker.

I attended grammar school for a couple of years in preparation for the ministry. This however did not work out and I went into my fathers business to learn a trade, which was a miserable existence. I remember; ?in cutting Wick for the Candles, filling the Dipping Mold, & Molds for cast candles, going on Errands, it was in many ways a miserable existence? (Clark 13). My brother James, a printer, took me in to be an apprentice, learning a printers trade. The work was heavy manual labor although I am a tall, heavy set type of fellow and it gives me a chance to meet journalist and authors with access to better books. I deliver papers by day and compose articles in the evening hours. Brother James was sentenced to prison for a month and upon his release was told not to print the New England Courant...