"Ben & Jerry's Double-dip"

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Do you think the title fits the book? Why or why not?

I think "Ben & Jerry's Double-Dip" is a perfect title for their book because the book is all about two persons that started an ice cream business together, as they are two personas in the same business that will be a double-dip which makes it an even stronger business deal.

o What are your feelings about what you have read so far?

I like what I'm reading because the Ben and Jerry run their business as a values-led business.

- What parts of the book seem most believable or unbelievable? Why?

All parts of the book for me are seemed to be belieable because it is a nonfiction book which means that the content of the book is completely real, everything happened in the true life. Also, I think that Ben and Jerry genuinely good people, that cares about the community, environment and that don't want to see our country taken over by Corporate America.

- What are the best parts of the book? Why?

The best parts of the book are when they tell about their experiences with choosing alternative suppliers, as they did with Greyston Brownies and when they began making their Rainforest Crunch flavor as a way to make use of the living rainforest with the Brazil nut.

- What are your least favorite parts of the book? Why?

As I'm reading the book I do not find any part of the book that I don't like, because the book is fullfilled with interesting information about business, the book is wrote in an easy way so everybody that reads it could understand it, nometter how hard is to understand business sometimes.


There are many connections between the book and my life because...