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A. SUMMARY/OVERVIEW Ben & Jerry?s Homemade, Inc., the Vermont-based manufacturer of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet, was founded in 1978 in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont, by childhood friends Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. They started producing their interesting ice cream blends, with catchy flavour names, and chunky ingredients, and had an anti-corporate style that ensured they constantly contribute to various social matters throughout the world. They did this via monetary contributions, and at other times through creative co-op arrangements (sourcing nuts from South American rain forests where nut harvesting would offer a renewable alternative to strip-cutting the land for wood products). Ben & Jerry?s competed in the superpremium ice cream market which was dominated by such household names as Häagen-Dazs. Superpremium ice cream differentiated itself with its high butterfat content and low overrun (low ratio of air to ice cream in the finished product) which is what gives it its rich taste.

Ben & Jerry?s has in recent years been mulling over the idea of seriously putting in a full effort to try and enter a foreign market to increase sales and profits. An opportunity has risen for them to enter the Japanese market, however, they are faced with the decision of how to enter it. They have to decide whether to penetrate through Seven-Eleven?s 7,000 stores in Japan or to give the go-ahead to Ken Yamada, a prospective licensee who would manage the Japan market for Ben & Jerry?s.

B. COMPANY/ORGANIZATION POSITION i. Vision/Mission Vision: No formal vision stated.

Mission: No formal mission stated found in the case booklet, however, the following statements were found on the company?s website.

Product Mission To make, distribute & sell the finest quality all natural ice cream & euphoric concoctions with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome, natural ingredients...