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IntroductionChanges are inevitable to ensure the survival of a company. Managing change and stress is instrumental and critical in securing good outcomes. Intersect Investment has shifted its vision to focus on building long-term customer relationships. As a result, distress arises from the employee level to the top management level.

With disparity amongst the team members as a result of change, Intersect Investment is faced with challenges that they need to overcome in order to realize their goals and vision of growth and success through "customer intimacy" model. Intersect Investment requires further benchmarking in order to identify best practices and alternative solutions to the problem that the company is faced within offering a wide range of products and services to develop and cultivate long-term customer relationships. Further benchmarking on companies that experienced the same issues as Intersect have experienced will help Intersect in identifying solutions to the problem. The following companies have effectively responded to change in order to maintain their competitive edge and sustain growth.

Srinivas Annamaraju ConsultingFirm A provided high-end IT and product R& D services. Firm A developed entrenched systems software, software tools, and mobile functions on technology. Firm A had more than 500 employees. Firm B also offered IT services; but focused instead on the business applications market by going after implementations, systems maintenance, and high-end system integration work. Firm B had 600 employees.

Both Firm A & B had steady profitability and growth; low employee turnover rate; and satisfactory productivity, innovation, and customer relations. According the industry stock market, both firms were performing under the industry average in terms of growth. Firm A & B believed employee commitment was needed to secure the company growth. Firm A & B hired an outside consultant - Srinivas Annamaraju, to assess the company employee commitment level, and developed methods...