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‘Beneath Clouds’ takes a realistic approach in telling the inspiring story of the journeys of two misfits who struggle on their path to find identity and purpose in life.

This is actually my first complete viewing of ‘Beneath Clouds’, having watched part of the movie during an English party. The storyline put together with every other aspect of this movie captivated me to the extent where I just had to borrow the movie from my friend in the holidays and watch it from start to finish. Coming from someone who never watches a movie more than once, this was a bold and essentially rewarding move.

Ivan Sen, the talented young film-maker behind the movie, who managed to successfully direct and produce the film, who wrote the script and screenplay, as well as composing the music, states that this film is in many ways a ‘reflection’ of his own life.

Through the film, he has effectively explored two themes close to his heart; purpose and identity, through a framework of dramatic realism. His inability to articulate the emotions surrounding the journeys of the two protagonists into words led Sen to choose the particular medium which he did.

Being a film in which few words are exchanged, the cast needed to be exceptionally skilled in order to convey the vast emotions of the characters to audiences. Needless to say, the cast fulfils those requirements quite well. Viewers will be surprised to learn that neither of the actors cast in the lead roles had any previous acting experience, yet they still managed to capture the hearts of viewers and crew alike.

Danielle Hall gives a convincing performance as Lena, a teenage girl of mixed Aboriginal/Irish racial heritage. Based on appearance Lena looks like the typical ‘white’ Aussie; fair-skinned,