Benedict Arnold, a Great General

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The American Revolution was a time of unity, freedom, liberty, and leadership. There were many leaders during the Revolutionary War, though there were few who could be considered great leaders. Benedict Arnold was an amazing leader during the Revolution, and because he helped greatly in winning the American Revolutionary War, he is considered one of the greatest Revolutionary leaders. Benedict was a military commander and a general, during the American Revolution, and he was able to lead the Patriots and the Continental Army to many victories in the war due to his recklessness, lust for battle, ingenuity, pride, and the ability to make the Patriots know that they could indeed defeat the British.

Benedict Arnold was different from everybody even when he was a child. He was a headstrong boy and very proud of himself. Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 in Norwich Connecticut. As a child, Benedict was a daring youngster who had a loud voice, quick temper, and a conceited manner.

His family faced business debt, and two of his three sisters died as a result of malaria or yellow fever. Only Hannah, Benedict’s younger sister remained. From the start, Benedict led a hard life, and this will show later during the wars.

Benedict was 14 years old when his family’s business collapsed, leaving Arnold with a father who did not care about anything but being drunk. Many times, Benedict had to drag his father out of the tavern, and as a result, children started to laugh at him and made fun of him. Benedict got in many fights whit children, usually ones bigger and older than him due to his embarrassment and injured pride. Because of his determination, Benedict often won these fights and this caused his confidence to grow and become more daring, qualities that...