Benefit of Cosmetic Surgery

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While some get cosmetic surgery to look young, there are different types of cosmetic surgery people can get done to help with scars and injuries from accidents. Doctors are now using different types of cosmetic surgeries to help accident victims cover-up scars and injuries due to accidents of any kind. They can graph skin from one part of the body to another to make the scars go away and make the scar look almost all the way invisible. I believe that this is a good thing that has come out of doctors helping others feel good about themselves.

HistorySurgeons began to develop cosmetic surgery in response to birth disfigurement and war deformities. Cosmetic surgery started because the 20th century wars resulted in destroyed facial and head features. The war injuries greatly accelerated the experimentation of plastic surgery and quickly became the starting point for the history of cosmetic surgery. (,

2009) By the end of World War I and the number of faces reconstructed was put out there in the press as a way to restore hope to the soldiers who were injured. (Eclipse, 2005)BenefitsCosmetic Surgery helps people with scars and injuries from accidents. Surgery is now being performed on many individuals because of car accidents that have left some type of defect on their body. Whether it be the face, hand, leg or any part of the body. Almost any type of surgery can be used to cover-up a scar. Skin graphs are now being done on one part of the body to cover another part of the body and leaving little or no scar tissue or even a resemblance of the skin graph being done. In some situations the doctors can now take any person from an accident and make them look normal by doing cosmetic surgery on...