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This paper will describe benefits that BMW would need to improve a new focus on creativity and innovation. Analyzed in this paper is how innovation, design, and creativity support BMW's goals and objectives. Last, discussed in this paper is how to identify the internal and external drivers of innovation for BMW.

InnovationInnovative engineering and technology is the core of what makes a BMW a BMW. Every detail of a BMW is designed to enhance the joy of riding. BMW engineer's designs to exhilarate, more comfort, and enhance driving safety simply that doesn't belong in a BMW (BMW, U.S.A, 2009). BMW has three main points in their innovation, power and performance, comfort and lastly design. Below are examples for each point of BMWs innovation.

Power and PerformanceBMW innovated the active roll stabilization that is an active suspension control system designed to reduce body roll, or lean, while turning corners. This is to improve the vehicle's suspension geometry (BMW, U.S.A,


ComfortThe active cruise control is set at his or her chosen speed, which allows him or her to maintain a pre-set distance between his or her vehicle and the vehicle ahead in highway driving. The system will automatically slow down at the pre-set distance. Once the distance has increased back to the chosen speed, the system automatically accelerates to the pre-set speed (BMW, U.S.A, 2009).

DesignThe active knee protection is a special airbag that is designed to protect front seat occupant's knees in the event of a severe impact. It also reduces the amount of dash space that is used for dash paddling only (BMW, U.S.A, 2009).

Design"Innovative engineering and technology are at the core of what makes a BMW a BMW. Every detail of a BMW is designed with a single goal in mind: to enhance the joy of driving"...