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Due to the economic downturn and the high competitive market, the chosen company, The Coffee Bean and Tea leaf needs its innovative aspect of the business reviewed and hopefully renovated. It is a company that imports the finest high grown coffees from around the world. In addition, the Coffee Bean imports and flavors its own teas, it makes its own special Dutch chocolate powder and French Deluxe vanilla powder, which helps the Coffee Bean create its world famous original Ice Blended drinks. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Company should be able to have a competitive advantage and these benefits and drivers proposal will be able to help.

Driving Forces in the Coffee Bean industryCompetitive and industry conditions experience change due to the forces that are pressuring industry participants to alter their actions. Competitors, customers, or suppliers are enticed to change their ways. Those with the biggest influence on the industry structure and the competitive industry environment are the driving forces.

The Coffee Bean industry has four driving forces that originate in the industrial and competitive environment.

Shifts in the buyers' demographics and the way consumers use the product have altered the competition for this industry. The variation has prompted producers to broaden the product line and try different sales and promotion approaches. Changing societal concerns, attitudes, and lifestyles is the other driving force that ties in with the customer base and usage. Society is changing, with the new generations being a hug influence. Young people are looking for caffeine to keep them going through their increasingly busy days. Coffee is established as a drink older people consume. Young people are always aspiring to be older than they are, so coffee is marketed in a different way to the younger generations as specialty coffee and gourmet beverages. Marketing these drinks...