Benefits and Services of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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The benefits and services that an employer provides is one of the most important components of every employee's compensation. Benefits and services management functions have grown more dynamic and complex than ever. The reason for this is because companies are becoming extremely competitive with each other, and many of them are seeking ways to reduce costs while building employee job satisfaction through improving benefit and service options. At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Blue Cross), employees are offered a broad range of benefits and services, which are nonfinancial payments for continuing their employment with the company. At Blue Cross, there are a majority of benefits and services that are exceptional as well as those that a few that need improvement.

Blue Cross provides health care coverage to 2.9 million members and it takes more than 3,800 associates to work around the clock to help these members lead healthy lives.

What is it exactly that makes Blue Cross a great place to work? As a Blue Cross employee, one can answer that question and without a doubt, it is definitely the benefits and services that the company provides, which makes Blue Cross a great place to work at. Blue Cross has always been recognized as a great place to work in publications such as Working Mother to the Boston Business Journal because they "provide our associates with options so they can make the right choices for themselves and navigate successfully through their work and personal lives" ( For many employees, benefits are just as important as salary, especially with the rising costs of health insurance. What makes these employees stay with Blue Cross are the common benefits and services such as health and life insurance, and time off with pay, and benefits that many other companies do not typically offer...