The Benefits of Automotive Mechanics

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It all started with a pair of pink safety glasses and a night of working on my boyfriend’s Honda Civic. Having grease up to my elbows and risking my life striding underneath the jacked up car on a creeper completely grasped my attention. That was when I realized all of the benefits and enjoyments I get out of working on cars myself. From knowing how to fix an engine, strengthening my memory recall and boosting my education, to keeping myself preoccupied with a hobby, this activity gives me many reasons to absolutely adore it.

First, knowing how to fix my own car’s engine is quite profitable. Having the knowledge allows me to keep money in the bank because I do not need to pay for labour on top of parts and accessories. Also, working on my own engine saves me the trip to the garage and the needed ride back home and to the garage once again.

Along with these benefits, I know that the job is done my way and there are no unnecessary parts installed. However, the best bonus is being able to help a friend out when they have an issue with their car; it allows you to earn a bit of cash on the side.

Simultaneously, having a strong memory is essential for working with car parts. My memory recall is vastly needed and is also strengthened when fixing automotive engines. Initially, I must know what the parts of the engine are called. I must also remember how to take sections of the engine apart properly so I do not damage any pieces. Furthermore, I need to understand the operations of the machine in order to diagnose problems and to know what needs fixing. Most importantly, once I fix the issue, I must recall how to put it all back together. All of these productive activities strengthen my memory recall each time I successfully complete them.

Similar to strengthening my memory recall, working on automotives builds my education. I must learn which tools are useful for each procedure, which develops my problem-solving abilities. Seeing as there are hundreds of parts within an engine, I always have knew information to gather and learn. Since I know that I cannot master auto mechanics in one day, it gives me a kind of homework to study so I can gradually learn more. Also, when troubleshooting, I gain knowledge of what resources I can refer to that can help me progress.

Finally, my lack of strength limits my ability and lengthens the time it takes to complete a project. This fault fills up my spare time, which is a superb bonus. It keeps me active, and out of the house. In addition to it being a hobby, this source of entertainment keeps common ground between my boyfriend and I and gives us something to do while hanging out.

In the end, I always end up under a car for many beneficial reasons. Plus, I have not seen too many female mechanics; maybe I’ll start a trend.