The Benefits of Collaboration Between India and Coca-Cola

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Why might India want Coca-Cola to enter their market? Why and how should Coca-Cola enter the Indian market? In my opinion, collaboration between India and Coca-Cola would be mutually beneficial for both parties. I will first make my case as to the benefits for both sides, followed by why and how Coke should enter the Indian market.

India is a rapidly advancing, capitalistic society and in a position to become an economic superpower on the global market. Claiming their position in the world market place will require creative partnerships that draw people from all over the world. Joint business ventures with global companies and organizations will enhance their ability to sell their culture and country to consumers, not only at home, but also abroad. India will reap benefits from attracting international companies like Coke, because it will create a cascading effect. Coke will bring jobs to India and in return will create massive amounts of revenue for the Indian Government.

Coke is an international leading company and other companies will watch and learn from their business ventures. Coke will bring other businesses into the market on their wake, which in turn will generate more revenue. Investments will be made in infrastructure improvement as well as education for the work force.

Distribution networks will be established and enhanced over time, creating business opportunities for transportation, supply, and retail companies. Creative team building between domestic and foreign companies generates new business in domestically produced materials, again increasing revenues. Increases in revenue developed from business ventures can overflow into the tourism industry. Tourism will expose travelers to the Indian Culture and create opportunities to enter foreign markets and export goods and services to the world market.

Many hard working people all over the World save money and look forward to a certain time...