Benefits of Decriminalizing Marijuana

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The Benefits of Decriminalizing Marijuana

StaceyAnn Treasure


June 16 2014

Ryan Oba





The Benefits of Decriminalizing Marijuana

There are so many benefits to be derived from the herb Marijuana, yet it sparks so much controversy, as policymakers probe the aspect of legalizing the possession and use of this plant. Marijuana also called Cannabis sativa when used correctly provides many benefits to one's health. It can also be used to develop the psychological being of an individual. The legalization of Marijuana will lead to a reduction in drug related crimes. Therefore, I firmly believe that Marijuana should be decriminalized worldwide.

Marijuana is sometimes referred to as a medicinal plant. The leaves and buds have been used in herbal remedies and cures for years. There have been 66 biologically active components, identified by scientists called cannabinoids, in marijuana.

The most powerful of these is said to be the chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, even though other active elements are being studied. (American Cancer Society, 2012). Research has shown that marijuana can be used to treat the eye disease glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease associated with increased pressure fluids in the eyes resulting in damage to the optic nerve, which may lead to blindness or vision loss (National Eye Institute, 2012). The National Eye Institute supported many researches and studies in the early 1970s that proved that marijuana whether administered orally, intravenously or by smoking decreased intraocular pressure (IOP). (National Eye Institute, 2012). According to, the Journal of American Association published a study indicating that, smoking marijuana does not cause any damage or obstructs the function of the lungs. Intact the use of marijuana will help to increase the effectiveness of the lung making it better...