Benefits of distance learning

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Distance learning is considered the latest advance in technology-based learning and it plays an increasingly important role in expanding learning opportunities. Since the emergence of computers, information is more accessible to people. The traditional outlook on learning has changed significantly and allows people to learn at their own pace. With all this information so readily available why not attend college online and allow people to earn a degree from the comfort of their own home? Distance learning is a great alternative to the traditional school and can allow students the convenience of learning from their own home or workplace. The most exciting new trends in education are the use of distance learning. Many universities and corporations have ventured into it, and, in fact, some universities are devoted exclusively to providing an entire curriculum and degree through distance learning. Although the term "distance education" is of relative recent coinage, the concept of learning at a distance is not new at all.

Many companies and universities are participating in distance learning to better serve their employees and students. It is convenient, economical, flexible and supportive. Online courses offer more flexibility in course times, which can appeal to the student with a career and family.

Firstly, distance learning is convenient because it is self-paced and saves time. Most online learning programs can be taken when needed. It moves faster - according to an article by Jennifer Salopek in "Training and Development Magazine," online-learning courses progress up to 50 percent faster than traditional courses. This is partly because the individualized approach allows learners to skip material they already know and understand and move onto the issues they need training on. One can work from any location and any time - online-learners can go through training sessions from anywhere, usually at anytime. This Just-In-Time (JIT)...