Benefits of Ecommerce

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E-commerce (electronic commerce) can be defined as commercial transactions of goods and services over the internet. and other computer networks. It consists of online shopping, online banking and e-learning. E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular since the spread of the internet. The e-commerce users are businesses, consumers and government departments. E-commerce is controversial but the advantages of it greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

To begin with, e-commerce offers consumers speed and convenience. E-shopping involves a web site that sells goods and/or services without the direct, face to face, contact between the vendor and the customer. This process is overall easy and only takes a few clicks before you have bought yourself something. Compared to the traditional way of shopping, online shopping is way more convenient. The traditional way of shopping involves driving the car to shopping centres and if what you want is not there, you have to drive to further shops.

After getting to your desired destination, you would have to "fight" for parking space, walk from store to store and aisle to aisle looking for the items you want. After that process, there is a chance the queue for the checkouts are long. Then there is the issue of carrying out your merchandise. This whole shopping process can take hours. Many people avoid all this hassle nowadays by shopping online in the comfort of their own home. According to a study, 72% of online shoppers chose convenience over privacy. In addition, consumers can shop without time limitation with 24 hour access at because the world wide web never closes.

Another advantage of e-commerce is the ability to comparison shop. Comparison shopping is the act of comparing prices of something in advance before shopping for the best bargain. E-commerce allows consumers to compare prices and brands and conduct research quicker and...