The Benefits of Exercising and Proper Nutrition

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When you look in the mirror every morning, do you like what you see? Most people probably do not, as they picture an image of obesity. I, myself can relate, because I have pictured myself as overweight and unhealthy before. Many readers are probably asking themselves, "What does this possibly have to do with me and my life?" You have to possess the want to change your habits and lifestyle to be able to stay healthy. Having a regular work out routine and being properly informed of nutrition could highly benefit you and give your body the right energy it needs.

All of my childhood I was a pretty slim kid, very active, played a lot of sports,, ate what ever I wanted when ever I wanted to, and I had no interest in worrying about eating what I loved to eat, "Junk Food". It wasn't until about my freshmen year that I noticed how all that junk food that I was consuming when ever I wanted was catching up to me.

I really started to notice it in the transition between Junior High and High School, where I was my biggest. I reached about 200lbs and I wasn't quite sixteen yet. I ended up taking a nutrition class sophomore year and it kind of got me thinking about where I was headed, and the dangers that were ahead for me if I didn't change something. I slowly became interested in working out and from there progressed much more as I started to see improvements. I got into a weight lifting class junior year and that's really what did it. I have been working out on a regular basis about four to six times a week and love it.

Now working out and staying in shape isn't easy; if it...