Benefits of good team dynamics.

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The Benefits of good team dynamics can be seen in sports as well as the work place. When the team works as one, amazing things can happen.

Goal setting is a technique that is used by athletes, business people and top achievers in all aspects of life. Psychological research shows that those who set personal goals achieve more, demonstrate improved performance, have less stress and possess positive attitudes. In the business environment there must be a blending of the goals of each individual and those of the organization. People have a desire to be successful and so do organizations. The goals determine the results. When we define our personal goals we are setting a personal standard that will improve the overall effectiveness of the team. Organizations need to help their people define their personal goals. They can then help them interpret the relationship between these personal goals and the organization's goals.

"As important as individual growth is, no one person can be responsible for total success in the business world. Personal involvement begins with team dynamics." (Making Success a Shared Responsibility, Security Management; Mar94)

Another benefit of good team dynamics is the ability to identify the team or individuals capabilities or weaknesses. Highlighting weaknesses will push the team to take the necessary steps to improve. While identifying what capabilities each member of the team has, will enable the team to focus on a strong direction for attacking the problem or task. Effective teams accept team responsibility and do not "blame" one another for team mistakes, nor do they spend useless time in personal justifications. Team members will look upon first-time mistakes as opportunities for learning, rather than criticism and punishment.

An improved team relationship is another benefit. When you have good dynamics the relationships inside your team greatly improve. Everyone...