Benefits of Information Technology in Healthcare Industry

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Choose article on information technology in healthcare and discuss it. Write a two-page essay about this article explaining what the author believes; the implications of those beliefs for information management, health care and the structure of health care; whether you agree with his analysis, why or why not; and how would you solve the problem.

Benefits of Information Technology in Healthcare Industry

Over the last decade the medical industry has experienced overwhelming advances, and even now further steps are being taken to help optimize patient care. The main purpose of Electronic Medical Record system is to effectively and efficiently organize and analyze health care data of every patient. Turning to electronic technology changes the landscape of patient and doctor relationships. The benefits of this technology are to significantly improve the following aspects of patient treatment.

Electronic Medical Record reduces the number of paperwork and improves the quality of care. Quick access to a patient's health history documents allow doctor to pursue the necessary treatments or medications needed for a patient.

The information from the patient's personal health record also could be updated electronically and used as a health family history for future medical situations. It allows doctors to interconnect with any laboratories or other hospitals that the patient may have visited in the past. All tests performed on a patient, any blood work, or any regular treatments are noted in patient electronic-files, allowing the doctor to have a clear picture of every piece of information.

Electronic Medical Record reduces the need for repeat medical tests. IT system increase savings from less pulling of paper charts and the use of transcription services. A number of studies suggest that Electronic Medical Record have the potential to reduce the number of unneeded laboratory tests. Providing doctors with information about a patient's previous lab...