Benefits of Midwestern Agriculture on United States Economy

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Midwestern agriculture has an enormous impact on the United States Economy. It provides jobs for thousands of workers through its 600,000 farms located within the eight states. This area would not be able to function economically if farming and agriculture were no longer a part of it society. The United States economy overall would suffer as well if agriculture in this region ceased to exist. Due to the combination of its ideal soil and climate, the Midwest is a prime agricultural area.

Located in the Midwest is the Great Lakes Basin, also known as the world's largest system of fresh water. This Basin has more than one hundred thousand square miles of navigable water causing it to be the centerpiece of this major agricultural region. The Midwest is continuing to develop, increasing competition in both domestic and global economies. The natural water routes and canal links play an essential part in this expansion, providing a major source of transportation and energy.

Between nineteen seventy and nineteen ninety, the total employment growth rate in the Midwest increased by twenty five percent due to its agricultural development.

The location of this agricultural region allows for opportune trading with Canada. This plays a major role in allowing the United States and Canada to maintain the status of being each other's most important trading partners. Trade between Canada and the Midwest in nineteen-ninety two was valued at one hundred and six billion dollars, which is more than one-fifth of United States exports. This economic relationship is also due to the large number of people frequently crossing the United States-Canada border.

Besides encouraging trade with other countries, midwestern agriculture benefits those who are involved in the production of these goods. It represents five and three-tenths percent of the total agriculture employment for the United...