The Benefits Of School Music Programs

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There are countless benefits to art programs. It correlates with higher achievement in math and reading. Skills learned in arts programs develop cognitive skills useful in other parts of curriculum. It helps students learn how to work effectively in groups. The list goes on. But the problem is that schools are putting so much focus on math and science that it is beginning to become counterproductive. Schools really need to focus a little more on extracurricular activities. They also need to back off a little with the core classes because research shows that art programs will only benefit curriculum. These extracurricular activities can also aid in language development because they enhance encoding skills involved with language. Mastering an instrument also improves the way the brain processes parts of spoken language. Critical skills like the ability to visualize elements that go together are enhanced by arts education. It also significantly enhances the brain stems sensitivity to speech sounds.

Some school districts are cutting funding for music, art, and elective programs because these programs are easy to cut from curriculum. This is the wrong decision because art is culture, and is the birthright of every child.

When it comes to arts and electives, academic improvements are a given. Improved test scores for one. Art students continue to outperform their non-art peers' on the SATs. They scored sixty-two points higher on the verbal portion and forty-three points higher on the math portion of College Boards (Keep Music…). Their IQ scores are going in the same direction. Music students show increases in their test scores greater than their pre-music instruction test scores. Arts students had an increased IQ score, index score, and higher overall academic achievement. The most important thing for arts education is the quality of the program. Yes,