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Unit one

Purpose of studying communication

It is the foundation of good management

Helps one to become a professional communicator

Helps one to have influence and be persuasive in the work place

Purpose of communication is to disseminate information from the source to the recipient who can be an individual or a group

Communication is an ongoing process and never ending

Communication can be passive or active

Passive communication is when information is not deliberately disseminated but recipient reacts to a situation and interprets information he/she has received

E.g. one has a desire to cross a road but that there is continuing traffic; that is passive communication; you cannot cross

If it is raining am unlikely to play tennis; that is a message

Passive communication is better interpreted by psychologists who understand the mind and are able to predict situations

Active communication

This is when information is deliberately sent e.g.

through telling someone a message

This can be done by telling someone, writing a message hanging a sign sitting upright in an interview, wearing a dark suit

It is intended to provoke a response hence making it active

Purposes of communication

Direct benefits

Giving information

Making your ideas understood

Initiating action

Sharing attitudes and beliefs

Establishing links with other people

Indirect Benefits of Communication

Maintaining morale

Sustaining discipline

Avoiding rumors

Giving information about change

Influence of Group Culture

Culture of a group influences the way any group, team or organization influences the way in which communication occurs

There are four different types of culture

Power culture- communication invariably comes from one powerful individual or dynamic individual e.g. family business or a church group where the group is successful members oblige when problems arise, it becomes weakened

Department or role culture

Communication follows a pre determined route and...