Benefits of a workflow management system

Essay by AnagrinUniversity, Master's June 2005

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When you consider the assets and tools used by successful businesses in today's society, you can not help but to address the technological aspect of it all. Let's face it, technology is not going away, it is advancing and the truly successful organizations are those that embrace technology and advance with it. Workflow management systems are quite possibly the single most important technological aspect to an organizations ability to gain or retain a competitive advantage over their industry's leaders. Throughout this paper, I will discuss what I feel the article means when it refers to workflow management as the "technology of choice". I will also discuss how I believe workflow software is effective in cutting expenses and helping the company make money as well as what the down sides to workflow management are and where you might go to find the information you would want before leaping into new systems within your organization.

In the article, Alonso refers to workflow management systems as the "technology of choice". I believe that what he means by this is that the current industry standard is a more database oriented system than it is workflow management system oriented. However, based on the size and requirements of many industry leaders, these database are being overloaded and are unable to handle the massive requirements that organizations need them to handle. This can often result in mismanagement and loss of vital information. By implementing and improving workflow management systems, the organization is able to execute a myriad of tasks while at the same time reducing costs and possibilities for loss of information that may be vital to the success of the organization. This is in large part because workflow management systems were designed specifically with large industries in mind so they are better able...