The Benefits of Working Full Time before College

Essay by cool4uB, March 2004

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The Benefits of Working Full Time before College

One of my friends, who is older than I am, went to college last year, after a two years of working. After he graduated from high school, he felt that he needed to work to support his family; so, he got a full time job, which he worked for different companies to sell their products. After two years of works, he finally realized that he does not want to do this anymore. He made less money than his co-workers did, because of lack of a professional degree. Finally, he applied for a college, and chose his major on business, which he had some experience on it. He told me that he knows all the things which instructors are saying, because he has done all of thing that basically are on the textbooks.

There many people for different reasons that cannot directly go to college after graduation from high school.

They usually choose to work like my friend. In every culture and society, experience is one of the best tools for success. Working full time before college is a good way to find your goal, and gain some experiences, which will help people to be more successful.

Usually when people graduate form high school they do not have a specific goal that they want to follow. If you ask a high school graduate "what do you want to be"? They probably say, "I don't know!" If they get a full time job, get involved in real world, and find out to know how difficult it is to find a proper job without having a college degree, they will eventually change their mind to continue their education through college. For example, if one is looking for a job without a college degree, he probably...