Benifit of Education

Essay by chautinhtriA, August 2006

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What is the value of a college education? I believe that everyone has a different answer to this question, because everyone has different reasons for returning to school. Some people want their degree to get them a better job, while others have sought their degree just to say they have done it. There may even be some people who consider getting your degree a waste of time. Getting your degree may require a hard workload and be filled with an enormous amount of stress, but the result is worth all of the effort. "The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives" (Hutchins).

College education requires a considerable investment of time and money, as well as a considerable lifestyle change. Those entering college or a university must not only be willing to pay tuition cost and school fees, and study for many years to get a degree, they must also arrange the rest of their lives around classes, exams, semesters, and summer breaks.

Given the gargantuan effort it requires to secure a college education, some may reasonably question the value of a college degree. Have you ever asked question "What does college education bring to people or at least, to me?" Yes, it brings a lot of good things. Without education, tradition is lost, as well as the potential of youth. Before the invention of reading and writing, people lived in an environment in which they struggled to survive against natural forces, animals, and other humans. Education is the best way to survive in any situation. Everything that interests an individual should be taught to him or her. That goes for those who have matured into higher levels of education with the increase of age. The opportunity of education should not be missed...