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Who doesn't get older and dies? Of course, no one can. However, if you watch the film The curious case of Benjamin Button, you can see a difference progress that a men who grow younger and dies. Along with his awkward aging, his journey through American and other societies is an invaluable experience for us to see how "aging and the elderly" and "social changes" influence our current society.

To illustrate the point "aging and the elderly", the film mentions the character Benjamin who was born at the time America won World War 1. There are three main points to illustrate that point: infrastructure, culture and idea.

The beginning of the film happens during the 10s; the time of the traditional American society. Specifically, Benjamin's mother gave birth to him at the night when the American celebrated the victory of their nation. Unfortunately, she had died before she could see her child.

When Mr. Button (Benjamin's father) got home, his family doctor sadly announced that his wife had passed away and his son had suffered "something". He pushed the doctor aside and took his son, and then he realized his son's appearance wasn't like human. It looked like the appearance of 80-year-old men. He screamed, he shouted, he cried, he cursed the life desperately. He took Benjamin and ran; finally, he put Benjamin on the door step of the nursing house with a small change. We don't know why such a wealthy man like Mr. Button could be selfish like that. Did he afraid that he couldn't have enough money to raise Benjamin - Of course not. Did he scare the appearance of him? Or He just get shocked by his wife's death? Or another reasons? By analyzing the society when Benjamin grew up, we could find the answer.