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Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. Benjamin Franklin father "a soap maker named Benjamin Franklin" had 17 kids and Benjamin was the 10th kid. Benjamin was poor and needed glasses to read.

When Ben was 12 years old, he had a brother called James, a printer. Then Ben got mad at him always being order around by his brother named James. So five years later he ran away from home. He moved to Philadelphia, then London then back again to Philadelphia where he stared his own printing office in 1728.

Ben Franklin most famous experiment was flying a kite with a string that had a key attached to it. Lighting struck it which created electrical charge. Franklin did not invent electricity but he did invent the lighting rod, which helps protect buildings and ships from being damaged by lighting.

In 1748 Ben quit printing so he could devote himself fully to the various aspects of biology and physics.

Ben might have been the "founding father" of American but never served as a President. He was a man of letters, a publisher, a philosopher, a scientist, and the first major American inventor.

Franklin was very interested in the human body and how it works and looked to help it work better. Ben's older brother John suffered from kidney stones so Ben was trying to help him feel better. Ben developed a flexible urinary catheter that maybe the first one to be produced in America.

When Ben was still alive he made eight voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. During those eight voyages he learned about ships and how they worked. In early 1784, Franklin suggested that they should get the Chinese model for diving ship's that hold watertight compartments just in case a leak occurred in one...