Benjamin Franklin and his Life long Story" I will write as if i am Benjamin to make it better understood. expect in the hook Sentence. Also i will name what am, talking about.

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Ben Franklin's personal ideas about economy helped to shape our country's economy. We are lucky that they did because Franklin believed that the only true way to wealth was through hard work. This noble idea became the soul of the "American Dream," the idea that all people are created equal and each person has the same opportunity to achieve success. Ben used his printing skills to print paper money, helping to establish the paper currency system in America. Today, we honor Ben's contribution to the economy every time we use a $100 bill: Ben's face appears on it.

(Benjamin as a statesman)

When I was born, America was made up of thirteen colonies that were ruled by England. Trouble between England and the thirteen colonies started to unfold following the French and Indian War. The imposition of the Stamp, Townshend, and Intolerable Acts angered the colonists to rebel against Mother England.

On April 19, 1775, the colonists went to war for their freedom.

During the fight for independence, I was sent to Europe to represent the colonies. In 1776, I signed the Declaration of Independence and, in 1778, the Treaty of Alliance with France. In addition, I negotiated with the French to help the colonists and became the first United States minister to France. I helped secure guns, ammunition, and other provisions for the army as well as volunteer troops. When the colonists won their independence in 1781, I helped negotiate the peace with England and signed what ultimately became known as Treaty of Peace with Great Britain (1782).

Now that the colonists were free and independent, it became necessary to decide what type of government would be established. Even though I was not in my prime and my health was starting to fail, at eighty-one, I was the...