Benjamin Franklin, statesman, writer, and scientist

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The American Revolutionary War period was very important to our country's

freedom, and it's history. There were many people that were involved in the

American Revolution, and contributed their thoughts, time, services and

efforts. A very important person to this war, that I feel is Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin was born in the winter of 1706, on January 17th. He

was born in Boston. Benjamin Franklin had a very large family. He was the

15th child, and the 10th son. Benjamin had only attended grammar school

from when he turned eight years old until he turned ten years old. After this

short education, Franklin was taken into his father's business, which he

learned about the printing press, and trade, and in his spare time he worked

on self education.

By 1721 Franklin had become a great writer. His job list now was in

the morning he delivered papers, and during the night he wrote articles for his

brother's newspaper.

His articles were published under anonymous, but

despite that fact his articles still gained worldwide recognition.

After a while Benjamin got very frustrated with his brother James, and

because of the disagreement Benjamin Franklin made his way to Philadelphia.

He arrived in Philadelphia in 1723. The next trip he made was to travel to

London, to complete his training as a printer and buy his own printing

equipment, or whatever was necessary to start his own printing establishment.

He arrived in London in December of 1724. After completing the tasks that

were previously listed, he returned to Philadelphia in October of 1726.

About one year after he returned, started a discussion group known as the

Junto, but later became known as the American Philosophical Society. In

September 1729 he bought the Pennsylvania Gazette, a boring weekly

newspaper. Within a short range...