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Beowulf an Epic Hero

An astonishing hero is the one that conquers obstacles and does everything in his power to keep people safe. Beowulf accomplished everything he could offer. A genuine hero shares the same characteristics, defeating fear for justice, on their own willingness risking their lives throughout the story. Beowulf shows many of these qualities that are needed for a hero.

Beowulf exhibited qualities of superhuman abilities like dominating Grendel who was a vicious monster with his own bare hands for the good of the people. His qualities were remarkable bravery, not a normal human could possess these types of powers. "Hand to hand is how it will be; life and death will fight with the fiend." He announced the hand to hand combat between him and Grendel, these characteristics that were portrayed Beowulf differentiate between human and nonhuman, the author describe him close inhuman.

A well respected leader is what everyone looks up.

People look up to these types' qualities and that's what helps him lead to the battle against Grendel, "Beowulf chose the mightiest men he find; the bravest he could find." He knew what to take against the wild beast, his skills and his experience taught him who to pick for this epic battle. Beowulf believed in many things, bravery, leadership and fate.

His beliefs were all about fate, if he dies in a battle with his bare hands with all that he has he believes its destiny. "Fate will unwind as it must!" realize that even though he's aware of what is against him, he would fight through it and that shows the characteristic a determined hero. Every hero needs to have a determined characteristic, it's always about looking positive and never looking back and that's what he had. At that point...