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Heroes can be average everyday people who accomplish amazing feats to help others. Abraham Lincoln and Beowulf are just two people who wanted to change the people around them. Beowulf the hero who saved the Danes. Abraham Lincoln the person who helped free the slaves. I will show the qualities Abe and Beowulf possess that make them heroes.

Times that Beowulf has shown courage are when he was fighting Grendel to try to stop him from killing others. Times Abe have shown courage is when he stood up for the slaves and thought that they should be free. Both men have tried to help the people and keep people from getting hurt.

They both relied on others to help them with their goals. Beowulf relied on Wiglaf to keep the mouth of the Firedrake open and throw the queen bee in the Firedrake's mouth. Abe relied on his neighbors to lend him books so he could learn.

Some brief accomplishments of them both are. Beowulf fought Grendel to help save Heorot, Hrothgar and the Queen. Abe practiced law so that he could help the slaves become free from slave owners and traders.

In conclusion both of them have the qualities of a hero. Beowulf has his cunning strengths from weaknesses. While Abe fought hard to become important and powerful so that he could stand up for his causes to free the slaves and stop war. They are both people to be admired for their hard work.