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This essay is being done on how Beowulf was the ideal hero in historic Anglo Saxon society. Beowulf represented the epic Anglo Saxon hero, for three reasons which are as follows he was a very brave man, he also had incredible strength that helped him in many ways, along with these two gifts he was also very determined. These are the characteristics that mad Beowulf a great hero in Anglo Saxon society.

Beowulf bravery was would have to be one of the most important things that mad him a hero. He wasn't afraid of anything and never turned down a fight or challenge. He was also always there when there where people in danger or in strife. Even though he was brave in never bragged or boasted about it because he wasn't the type that did it all for the glory. An example of this incredible bravery would be when he decided to fight the monster Grendal with his bare hands, because he felt that it was the only way that it could be done.

Beowulf was one of the bravest men of that time period, and to be brave in that time period you had to have some real guts.

Beowulf's second determining characteristic was his incredible strength. He was said to be the one of the fastest, strongest, and one of the best swimmers. Beowulf completed tasks that most other human men could accomplish, he was a very skill full fighter and could take on incredible odds that would break any other man. When he grabbed Grendal with his bare hands and wrestled him around until his arm was torn from his body and he was sent fleeing back into the terrible marsh where he had came from. His incredible strength was one of his...