Beowulf And Squall

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This phrase explains the perspective of one person compared to another. A person may see the most beautiful woman they have ever seen while another may just see a hag. This also compares to the idea of heroism. What one person may consider as a quality of a hero another may see it as a quality of nothing more than a normal person. A hero of many qualities is Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. However, he does fight for the purpose of military, instead he discovers a threat to mankind and in a desperate attempt to destroy it (alone) he finally let's go of his quiet and lonesome self and falls in love. Along the hundreds of people follow him because they believe in him and know that only he can destroy the evil that has plagued mankind. Beowulf, from a time period long before Squall, is another hero to be considered.

He fights evil and saves many men but his values and qualities differ greatly from Squall. Beowulf and Squall were both heroes of their times but they have many differences between them.

The first major difference between Beowulf and Squall is the reason they strive for success. Beowulf may be helping others out but his main goal is to achieve fame and riches. He'll fight alone and risk losing in order to prove to other people that he is the best. Squall, on the other hand, strives for success because he must do so in order to save the ones he loves. A greater force threatens his friends and as their leader he tries to make good choices to make their conquest successful. He, unlike Beowulf, does not make choices for the purpose of achieving an image of grandeur.

Another difference between the two is how they show their skill. Beowulf, though he can back it up, is very boastful. He tells people how good he is and though it may seem like exaggeration, it is not. Beowulf is very cock and conceded. Squall, however, is very quiet. He fights only when he needs to and only for important purposes. He shows his abilities not by telling but by performing. Word of his skills and deeds pass through many lands and people from all over follow him.

Both Beowulf and Squall has followers but people follow both of them for different reasons. People follow Beowulf because they hope one day he will help them earn riches. If he was able to make them rich and successful then he was considered a hero. Squall's followers were very different. They were not promised gold or land. They followed Squall only because they respected and believed in him.

Beowulf was a hero. Squall Leonhart was a hero. Two heroes yet they both are entirely different. Time changes things. Squall and Beowulf were heroes of their times, but the requirements of being a hero today far differ from those of Beowulf's days. Thus, though the two may be similar, these two heroes have very little in common.