Beowulf Beowulf is believed to be a hero. He is

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BeowulfBeowulf is believed to be a hero. He is a hero because he is doing something that he believes he can do to help protect people who are in trouble. In his time period, he would be considered a hero. Beowulf was loyal, unselfish, and he had a sense of justice; which gives him heroic qualities.

In the story, they never describe Beowulf. The most descriptively the writer goes into is in saying, "Beowulf, Hiliac's follower and the strongest of the Geets-greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in this world." Most people view heroes as someone who is strong and brave. Beowulf is strong. He was also brave because he went across the sea to Hrothgar, which was very dangerous during this time period. There were a lot of shipwrecks at this time. Beowulf is also brave because he went there with the intent to defeat Grendel. Grendel was "mankind's enemy"; "He slipped through the doors and there in silence snatched up thirty men." Hrothgar was mourning because Grendel was causing such mayhem in his Herot. Grendel was killing a lot of innocent people while they slept. Beowulf came to help he defeats Grendel as he boasted he would.

In my opinion, true heroes do not boast about what they are going to do. They just do it and do not worry about being labeled a hero when it is finished. But Beowulf did go there to help Hrothgar's people who were being killed by Grendel. So Beowulf is a hero because he didn't just go there to defeat a monster to make him look better, he went there to defeat the monster because Grendel was killing people and he wanted to help.