Beowulf Boast

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I am Tamara, the only descendant

of the Great Grammar goddess and

the Baron of Banking. Baking every

snowfall has made me marvelous. I

5 prepare precise parcels for all I love.

Gift giving, I got it from Grandma,

She slaved away, Sundays mostly, to

be sure we were content. I, the sweet-

toothed teenager, was tempted by the

10 luscious idea of baking. I started off

small, Saturdays with mom. Soon enough

the Matron of Molasses mounds made me

move on. Dad, devourer of my developments,

decided my delicacies were delectable.

15 The edges brown & crispy, while the inside

fluffy and flavorful. Fresh out of the oven

these savory temptations melt in mouths.

Cookies, the sweetest sin, are what I?ve

come to love. But now that I have a new

20 tasty trial, the temptations of a better life

have haunted me. I plan to provide plenty

of cookies for all.

The next Martha Stewart,

that?s who I?ll be! I?ll sneak up on them all,

Kevin?s cupcakes will be no competition.

25 I?ll beat those Pepperidge Farm people next.

Then when she least expects it, I?ll take

on Betty Crocker, the mother of all good cookies.

The doughboy of Pillsbury will be no match for me!

Finally I?ll take on that perfectionist

30 criminal herself. Martha won?t know what hit her.

My cookies and treats will rock this world! No

one will stop me! Stealth is my secret weapon.

Slowly their businesses will suffer. Until at last

there is one ruler left, me.