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Siegmund and Finn

In the epic poem Beowulf, there is a celebration of a great battle won by Beowulf. During this celebration two stories are told. One of Siegmund, the mightiest warrior of them all. Where we learn that if you are brave then you will be remembered. The other of Finn, an extremely foolish king. Which teaches patience can truly pay off.

Siegmund was an ancient warrior who was extremely famous. He was the strongest and bravest of all warriors. Everyone knew his name, and he lived a very rich life. "There were tales of giants wiped from the earth by Siegmund's might- and forever remembered, fame that would last him beyond life and death" (51).

This shows just how famous he really was. The point the story is trying to get across is that if you are brave and strong, then you will be remembered. Siegmund was extremely strong and could back himself up in any situation.

This story is relevant to Beowulf because it shows how famous Beowulf has become and how much more famous he can get. He needs to continue his path to greatness, by fighting any battle he can and bragging about it to anyone who'll listen.

The story of Finn begins when he starts a war that he can't finish. Making a weak alliance, he leaves his people in a foreign land with the Danes. After a long winter, the Danish king kills Finn and takes all of his riches and treasures.

"He planned, he waited, wove plans and waited. Then a Danish warrior dropped a sword in his lap, a weapon Finn and his men remembered and feared, and the time had come, and Hengest rose, hearing the Danes' murmur, and drove his new sword into Finn's belly, butchering that...