Beowulf, The New Hero

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Do you remember when you were a kid and you saw that one special show that you loved so much? More than likely you looked up to the main character or the hero. Imagine if that character were Beowulf.

I think a Saturday morning cartoon, like Beowulf, would be appropriate for younger children. There would have to be some editing done to the bloody scenes, of course.

Beowulf is similar to the story of Hercules. If Hercules became a Saturday morning cartoon, then why shouldn't Beowulf? Beowulf has many gruesome scenes that would not be appropriate for younger viewers and readers, but so did Hercules. There really shouldn't be a problem with Beowulf becoming a cartoon, because there are shows that young viewers watch that I personally think are not appropriate for young children to be allowed to view.

The cartoons that are coming on television now have either a hidden message or they have inappropriate content.

Let's take Spongebob for example. There is controversy that this cartoon is teaching kids about people who are gay or lesbian. After reading this in the newspaper, I watched the show and thought of what a child might think when watching Spongebob. After watching Spongebob with my younger sibling, I asked him what he though about the show, and he replied, "I thought it was funny." I came to the realization that kids don't get the messages. They just watch the shows because they like laughing at the characters and enjoying watching them. There is always something wrong with what kids are watching. Why can't people just be happy that their children are keeping themselves occupied with a cartoon rather than drugs?

Beowulf is a really strong person, both mentally and physically. Beowulf shows this when he begins...