Beowulf: A Recreation Of The Grendel Attacks

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It was a late Saturday evening. More than a hundred men congregated in the lavish mead hall. I sat among these hundred men who bragged of their numerous battle victories, feasted on the bountiful banquet tables, and drank their wine as the wee hours of the night elapsed. Our lord Hrothgar has kept the kingdom prosperous by honoring these warriors in the Herot.

I, myself, also drank in the splendor of this hall and shared my accomplishments that night. My stomach ached from the abundant amount of alcohol I had consumed. A few men were left behind as others had begun to retire approximately 3 o'clock AM. I, however, was unable to sleep attributable to the pain.

At roughly 3:45 AM, I thought to have perceived the sounds of deep breaths huffing as the snoring of drunken men were drowned away. In the instant of a wink, I witnessed thirty innocent men murdered in their beds as they slept.

A colossal man-monster, who completely shadowed the hall, swept up his victims with his gigantic claw. The beast treaded heavily out of the building, leaving behind traces of his ferociousness. I instantaneously capered from my bed and rushed out of sight.

The grand Herot hall built for celebration became the site of both blissful merriment and despairing funerals.